Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kid's Rooms

In an earlier post, I showed you the Photoshopped mock-ups I made for the kids to approve their bedroom designs.  Here's how my daughter's room turned out:

The carpet was originally blue.  We dyed it purple.  Thank goodness I only needed to paint half the wall, because that pink took at least 5 coats!  That's what I get for buying cheap paint. 

We installed the wainscott and trim, painted glossy white.  The headboard was painted in the same glossy white.  I installed the girly chandelier and swapped out her closet doors for mirrored ones. 

She loves her new room and calls this her princess bed.  <3

My son's room:
He'd begged for bunkbeds and I couldn't resist. His room has the same wainscot as my daughter's room, but the trim is stained instead of painted.  I love how that looks with the deep blue paint.

I apologize for the sparse number of pictures.  (Running out of storage in Picasa.)  To see more, come visit!