Sunday, November 29, 2009

Album Organization

I'm happy to say that the Christmas album is up to date!  I got the chance to scrapbook at church on Saturday and made a ton of progress!  All the ladies were working on different aspects (sorting and organizing photos, cropping, journaling, etc.) and it got me thinking about my process.

Here's how I normally assemble an album:
1st: Take great pictures.  If the picture isn't great, alter it and print a new one.  For example, if the colors are horrible and clash, make it black and white (or sepia).
2nd:  Choose which pics I want to scrapbook and put them in page protectors in the appropriate album.
3rd: Put a post-it note on the page protector with the date and any info I don't want to forget to journal.
4th:  Go through and choose a background paper that enhances the photos.  Slip that into the page protector with the pics.
5th: Sometimes I'll go through and put specific matching embellishments (or a coordinating paper) in the page protector. 
Finally, I put the pages together. 

How do you organize your efforts?


  1. Though somewhat guilt-ridden, I'm a digital mama. Everyone gets a baby book, but then we convert to whole-family digital albums by year. I love the ease of using iphoto to print these books; however, companies like Shutterfly offer more design choices. But I think having backed up CDs of the digital photos helps me to feel freer in this process :).

  2. I too am totally digital I love that all the "supplies" and "paper" are free and I don't have to worry about that $8 sticker I splurged on as it was Perfect for that album being used for making a craft. all my Photos are stored in folders by month, season, and year and backed up to multiple computers and an online storage server as well as burned to CD and kept in our fire safe.

  3. No guilt! You're preserving your family's memories and that's what counts. In fact, most people I know do whole family yearly albums. I've deviated from that a bit: I have an album for each holiday. That way on Halloween, we can look back at all our past Halloween costumes. It also turns the scrapbooks into seasonal coffee table books.