Monday, September 21, 2009

Decorative Packing Tape

I always clean my home thoroughly before going on vacation.  It's such a wonderful feeling to come home to a beautiful and clean home! 

I'm having similar ideas about the boxes we'll be putting in storage.  Everybody knows to designate boxes according to their rooms and I'm doing just that with a whimsical twist, using decorative packing tape.
Maybe polka dots for my son's room and birdies for my little girl?  Here are the rolls I've purchased so far:

Not only will we know where each box goes, but there will be a little something to make us smile.

What are your best moving tips?


  1. That is so cool where do you get that?

  2. The polka dots came from and the other 2 are from tapeswell.

    I saw a great pic from someone who wrapped glass votives in damask packing tape for their wedding reception!