Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Routine charts

My son used to love his My Go To Bed Book.  When my husband had to be gone for 6 weeks, I scanned some of the pages and turned them into a bedtime routine chart.  It worked like a charm!

Now that he's old enough to make his bed in the mornings and with the approaching turmoil of a deployment, I've added a morning routine chart.  We didn't have a book that fit the bill, so I had to improvise.  For "wake up" I googled the phrase "happy sun" and the kids picked this one (quite emphatically, I might add). 

To make a chart, simply print your images, glue them to 8x10 cardstock, laminate, add 2 eyelets to the top, and hang with fun ribbon.  They're extremely durable!  I might even make an afternoon chart for the things they do when they get home.  (Put shoes away, set the table for dinner, etc.) 

I can't wait to hear your thoughts!  What are your best tips for mornings/bedtime?

Update:  My son requested a green chart for the afternoon.  Here it is!


  1. We have something similar I recommend linking this up for the "works for me Wednesday" Blog "carnival" I will be part of tomorrow.

  2. Very cute! Do they get stickers or anything for doing each thing?

  3. They don't get stickers or anything, it just helps them to know "what comes next." We try to follow the "Love & Logic" system of natural consequences. So if their socks aren't in the hamper, they can't eat dinner until they are. They love being able to tell me what happens next!

  4. Love the new look--it's very you!! Great chart ideas.

  5. I love the new blog look by the way!

  6. To start the look of your page is beautiful and I love your routine charts!