Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Highland Halloween

Halloween costumes have begun! 

Last year, we were a Viking family:

This year, we'll be Scottish Highlanders (my cultural heritage).

My Grandfather bought a gorgeous kilt for my son, and hand-made him a sporran.  I've altered a plain white oxford shirt for him to wear with it, adding eyelets and leather cord. 
He sent my daughter a red plaid dress that looked something like this (I forgot to take "before" pictures, so pardon the Photoshopped rendering):
I removed the velvet bow and trim and split the dress open down the front.  I added eyelets at the top of the dress (above the empire waist).  The top is laced together with thin black ribbon.  Now I need to make her chemise and the kids will be all set! 
Costumes for the adults will require actual patterns, but I'm excited to improve upon my sewing abilities.  And I do love a project.  : )
I hope you're also having fun with scissors and seam rippers! 
What are your plans for Halloween?

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